Thursday, March 15, 2018

The White Teddy Coat Outfit

This post will be a shortie, because I have to clean up the house and meet the landlords  to give them cash I could spend on something relevant like pizza or anti-depressants, khue khue! The apartment we live in is falling apart (just like my life), but it still costs a pretty penny. We live in the center of the city though, which I guess is a good thing when you remove the criminally looking people and crazies, which in my opinion are the cream of society, keeping it glued together and in perspective....

Anyways, I have less than a week before I start my new job and I plan on making the best out of those days, meaning, I will nap....a lot! Before my much needed second nap I thought I would share an outfit I wore few days ago with my favorite new teddy coat.

We were taking these photos while I was trying to chase the pigeons away, cause I hate them. Pigeons are the plague of modern cities, some people find them pretty and feed them, I just want to kick one or two at least and my day would be going on very well!

The idea of this outfit was to keep it as simpler as possible accenting on the teddy coat. I wore my brown turtleneck sweater you guys remember from my previous basics post, a leather backpack and denim skirt. 

Everything in this outfit is second hand, which made me think about budget shopping. I am planning on doing a separate post on it later on, let me know if this would be something you would be interested in! 

You guys likey? Do you detest pigeons like me? 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Five outfit ideas for International Women's Day

Despite me being an apartment dweller I often find various made up occasions to dress up pretty. I won't be going anywhere on Women's day, but this doesn't stop me from trying out a few outfit ideas for the holiday. After all, I ordered some food and I've got to be presentable for the delivery human.  I usually open the door in shorts one size too big for me and smudged make up, so that's 10 points for effort!

International Women's day is my favorite day, since it's all about me, myself and I. All you've got to do is be a women - check! And let the attention roll in! Notice me Senpai!
In the spirit of Women's international day I thought I'd share five outfit ideas if you will be going out and about with friends, family, or a beloved one.  So let's get cracking!

Cap it!

If you're like me, always feeling cold and lazy, you might consider Women's day an opportunity to bundle up, but in style! Hence a pleated skirt with a girly color and a sweater for uber cozines makes for a great start. You can also try out different hats to spice it up. For this outfit, I tried on a new baseball cap I bought from Calliope for just 1$! Talk about budget!

Biker Jacket

The biker jacket is a classic staple piece that I think should be in every girly's wardrobe. Whenever I want to tone down an outfit or accent on it, the biker jacket comes in handy depending on how you style it.
In this case I used an old floral dress I had and a denim shirt. The biker jacket here is from a second hand store and it's one my best purchases. It's versatile and at the same time the pale pinkish color goes well with almost any outfit I pair it with, giving it that extra boost.

Suit up!   

Since I  snatched this blazer from Zara on sale I've been wearing it almost nonstop. For a holiday glam, this time I styled it with a silk slim fitted dress. You can always play around with textures and proportions and dress it down if you prefer, but for me Women's day calls for something over the top, cause I have an excuse to be over the top! Finally!

I'm not big for accessorizing and I am still learning, but even I know flowers in the hair make me happy and feel as womanly as ever! You can try out a headband or a flower crown, go wild and make that hair look like a garden, you won't regret it!

Little Black Dress

I snatched this dress from a second hand store and as you see I am not busty enough to kill in it, but it makes for a good start. Try a classic little black dress with a bare back for a sexy finish. You can play around with a variety of accessories that would compliment your dress, like these pink socks and bandana I put together for a complete and well packaged outfit.

So what do you guys think? Which outfit is your favorite? Are you going out for International Women's day? 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Korean Beauty Products - Are they worth it?

Firstly I want to thank you all for the amazing comments you left on my previous dramatic post, you guys are the best, and if anything, I have no regrets thanks to you! Sending lots of hugs and kissies! #nohomo

Secondly, this is all and all a fashion, slash, low budget, slash, no lifer blog, so let's set aside my drama and focus on the important stuff - Korean beauty products! Yes, this is my new thing now! Let us pretend that it is better than the time I got obsessed with the guy from River Monsters...

*note, this is not a sponsored post*

I haven't read much into Korean beauty products, but I do know they are famous for their quality as well as packaging, so I decided to splurge like the money-less hobo I am and spend some good amount of cash on exactly three things from Kibela. The store has a bunch of amazing products, I highly recommend for gals who want their face cream to be in a panda container. KAWAIIIII! <3
The prices are okayish, I suppose, especially considering the quality and I've got my eye on a few other goodies from there, so stay tuned for more action of my obsession.

From left to right, we have a favorite of mine the Tonny Molly Pocket Bunny face mist. The face mist is supposed to leave the skin moist (that's what she said) and supple with a dewy finish. The bottle consists of a cocktail of fruit extracts and the scent is of a saturated sugary raspberry.
Upon application it leaves my face looking shinier and the skin feels soft and at ease.
I bet this will come in handy during the hot summer days, bearing in mind we do not have an air conditioner, I be spraying this like there's no tomorrow!
The Bunny mist is also enriched with aloe vera, so it should be perfect for sensitive and irritated skin as well. My skin is a mixture of dryness on some parts and oiliness on others and upon spraying this on the face, you feel a cool breeze and the complextion is tangibly more soft and pretty. 

The second product I bought is the Pure Eco Bamboo gel which consist of 99% Damyang Bamboo sap, which has a mouthful of minerals and amino acids which are supposed to soothe the skin on the body and face.

The gel has a very subtle scent of cucumber freshness and the moment you apply it the skin absorbs it like a sponge, leaving it moisturized and glowing, without leaving any stains.

I haven't yet tried it on the face, but I've been applying it daily on the body and I prefer it among other body lotions, because it's more gentle and has a nice glossy finish. Also it doesn't take forever to absorb!

The third and last product I splurged on, was Tigi's Bed Head Blow Out Golden Illuminating shine cream. Despite this looking like a dildo, TIGI are a brand very popular among modern hairdressers and their products are famous for high quality and giving your hair a structured style with a slight fragrance and shine. I have yet to see the shine though, but I think this is because of my hair being extremely worn out from all the dyeing.

The cream leaves the hair smelling of unicorns and Hugh Jackmans, and I experimented on how long would the scent last by cooking in a closed window. The verdict? It fucking lasts! I am thrilled!
It does not only leave the hair smelling of freshly baked cookies, but it is also a perfect product for styling and removing frizzy hair. I usually apply it after showering, but in the mornings as well, when my hair is flying everywhere, definitely recommend for all types of hair!

All and all I am happy with my purchases and I am willing to convert my religion towards all Korean products. What do you guys think? Are you a fan of Korean beauty products?